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Adventure Racers Assisted Check Points

Adventure racing's assisted check points and transition areas are a breeze with SportRaxx by Simpson's truck racks. Call us at 513.617.7575 to place your order.
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SportRaxx By Simpson racks allow you to efficiently organize your gear in the rear of your truck.

Everything is easily accessable and by using boxes with lids, gear stays dry. First things first. Remove the Safari Cargo Basket and attach the table legs.
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Bolt the legs in place. Get racers gear, food and drink laid out for them. Use the racks and/or table as drying racks for wet gear. No more wet smelly gear inside your vehicle!
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If they don't dry completely, store them in a mesh bag and tie to the rack. They'll be outside & dry in the wind on the way to the next check point.
No need to drag all those heavy boxes from the truck. Keep food and drinks close to the back for easiest access.
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Even the vertically challenged can easily access your gear. Having placed all boxes so they can be opened from the sides they're easy to get into.
Average height people can reach everything from the ground.
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Closeup view of all gear boxes opened for access to gear. Athletes can comfortably change gear and rest knowing their support crew has it all under control.

Be sure to check out our Finish Lines too.


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