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SportRaxx: $462.25

Click to enlarge The SportRaxx and SportRaxx XL are the foundation of the SportRaxx by Simpson truck rack system. All of our other products attach to and require these racks. Our SportRaxx multi-sport truck racks are built to fit each different make and model truck. They have a custom look and feel to them without a custom price. They are stylish, functional and so easy to use you’ll find yourself playing outdoors more often. The SportRaxx multi-sport truck racks can be used on any size truck (6 ft bed and larger) to carry all of your outdoor sports gear. The SportRaxx XL is designed for shorter bed trucks (6 ½ ft down to 6 ft) who prefer not to drill holes.


  • Our truck racks are made of long lasting, rust resistant aluminum, unpainted, so that nicks and scratches (they happen) won't show.
  • Easy installation takes only a few minutes. Our racks for trucks ship complete with all mounting hardware.
  • SportRaxx multi-sport truck racks easily mount to the stake pockets using our system of anchor bolts. Our anchor bolt system is stronger than clamps. Don't have stake pockets? You will need to drill holes in your bed rail to use this rack. If you need to remove the rack for any reason, you can put the anchor bolt back in place in the bed rail and no one will ever see the holes.
  • Use of this truck rack system keeps your truck bed free for other items you'd like to carry (atv's, camping gear, firewood, coolers. etc.)
  • Rack is easily removed from truck in minutes and disassembles for easy storage in your garage or shed. But it looks so good you may never want to take it off.
  • Weighs approximately 25 lbs.
  • Load limit: 200 lbs.
  • Optional sport racks to use with your SportRaxx multi-sport truck rack system include: Bike Raxx (bike racks), Canoe Raxx (canoe racks), Kayak Raxx (kayak racks), Kayak Cradles, River Runner Raxx (two canoe or multiple kayak rack), Ski Raxx (ski racks), Snowboard Raxx (snowboard racks), Safari Cargo Basket, Safari Light Bar and more! SportRaxx has the most complete line of racks for trucks.
  • Shipping is FREE in the continental US when ordering SportRaxx truck racks.
  • Because SportRaxx multi-sport truck racks mount to the truck bed only there is no need to worry about your boats being twisted or stressed as the truck cab and bed move about independently during travel.
  • SportRaxx by Simpson multi-sport racks for trucks are manufactured in the USA and come with a one year manufacturer's warranty.


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